Devote more time to your patients

The world is constantly evolving. Not only medically, but also on a technological level. And that’s precisely where Corilus does everything to support you, leaving you free to focus on what really matters: your patients. 

Choose software that supports you in everything!


User-friedly software

For independant nurses and nursing groups.

Connecting Care

Connecting Care

Communicate directly to MyCareNet

More time for your patients

More time for your patients

Less administration, your software takes care of everything



All useful information always within your reach!


Corilus offers numerous software solutions, tailored to nurses needs. 

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Corilus connects you to other care providers

Corilus is not only active in the world of nurses, but also produces software for many other medical professionals. 
And that's beneficial to you, because thanks to our Connecting Care approach, we are always looking for ways to link our various software packages and make it even easier for you to communicate with your fellow healthcare providers.

Easy communication with your patients pharmacy

Communicate with your patients physiotherapist

Follow up on your patients progress with their GP