Optician’s software for the future!
Modern and intuitive software for opticians.

An extra marketing expert in your optician’s software.
With the Morion software, you can monitor all the ins and outs of your optician’s business. But we also focus on helping you stay in touch with your customers. Morion lets you easily create marketing campaigns to increase your turnover either in paper format or by email or text, or even with personalised cards.

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What can you expect from Morion?

Efficient daily management

Efficient daily management

  • Links to glasses and ordering programs
  • Modern inventory management with possible barcode use
  • Automatic formatting of Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV) documents
  • Extensive cash register function
  • Extensive statistics and profitability calculations
  • Also ideal for managing multiple opticians’ businesses
  • Automatic linking with the most common measuring equipment
  • Inputting the eID
Online calendar

Online calendar

  • Online diary focused on opticians’ needs
  • You decide which times are available online
  • Provides optimal accessibility
  • Perfect integration into your existing website
  • Adjustable appointment types
  • No more double bookings
SMS module

SMS module

  • 'Your glasses are ready' messages
  • Personalised bulk messages, such as 'Stunning sunglasses display at Diamant Opticians on Saturday'
  • Automatic appointment reminder, linked to your diary
  • Automatic sending of 'SMS birthday greetings'
  • Monthly reminder for contact lens wearers
  • Commercial SMS mailings

The benefits of Morion

The benefits of Morion
As well as from the fact that Morion is a complete solution for your optician’s business and has a strong marketing module, Morion is a Cloud solution, and that brings you many benefits: 
  • Extremely safe (e.g. against viruses)
  • Always up to date
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Automatic backup
  • Works on tablet, Windows PC and Apple
  • Wireless on WiFi

Getting started with Morion?

Switching to Morion is very simple and you’ll be able to keep your customer data and history. During the trial period, we will guide and assist you from A-Z. 
And if you want to start a new optician’s business, you can rely on our expertise through extensive training and webinars. All this, needless to say, is with the support of our accessible helpdesk as well.

Are you interested in Morion or do you have any questions?

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