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Mediadent, the latest generation software for medical image processing

Mediadent is part of CareConnect Imaging Dentist and is a universal program that can control most digital imaging systems and significantly improve the quality of radiographs.

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Digital imaging with integrated Mediadent software in CareConnect Dentist

Mediadent is part of CareConnect Imaging Dentist and is among the latest generation of medical image processing software.  

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Universal program

Runs most digital imaging systems from Mediadent. Panos, captors, phosphor systems, intraoral cameras,... Mediadent can handle almost everything. 

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Higher quality images

Significantly improve the quality of radiographs, even if the images are underexposed.



Seamless interfacing with various digital systems means you are no longer tied to one hardware vendor.

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"There is nothing more annoying than having to open five different programs to view the data of one patient. Ideally, you should use a comprehensive package where you can link the software of different tools with each other"



"All data can be found in the same place, in just a few clicks. Medical imaging is also immediately registered in the correct patient file."




What does CareConnect Imaging Dentist do for you? 

Dental chart

Images directly in the dental chart and an overview on the history of treatments. 


Automatic settlement of the X-rays taken.


All images are immediately available for further communication (letter, email, eHealthbox message).


24 filters per X-ray and can be set by default upon acquisition (endo, perio, sharpen)


Wireless loading of your extraoral images. 


Never save images in an incorrect patient file again.


Tracing calculation with more than 10 methods.


This price includes support and all basic functionality. This price does not include VAT.

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