Market leader 

Corilus, as a leading medical software provider, is on a mission to develop a smart and efficient healthcare system by connecting healthcare providers, patients and stakeholders. 

Unique position
in the market

Corilus makes software for all primary care providers. This not only means that we know this market inside out, but also that we are in a unique position to bring healthcare providers closer together and to enable them to communicate better and more safely with each other. 

Our customers are spread over twelve countries. Corilus has an annual turnover of over 55 million euros and employs more than 500 specialist staff in Belgium, France and Tunisia. 

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We connect healthcare providers

Connect easily from your software to all eHealth services, but also to colleagues, hospitals, health platforms and other healthcare professionals. We can do this thanks to our unique position in the market. 

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The patient is at the center of our care

We believe that every patient deserves a smooth medical experience. And that's also what you, as a medical professional, strive for every day. 

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We think ahead

eHealth does not stand still and neither do we. Every day we are in contact with care providers and patients and are looking for innovative solutions for tomorrow, but also for the long term. 

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Together to the best care

Moving forward is only possible if healthcare providers, governments, software builders and patients engage in dialogue to build the healthcare of tomorrow. 

More than 25 years of experience

For more than 25 years, we have been creating software for care providers, in consultation with care providers. We believe it is important to keep evolving, to keep adapting our software to your needs and those of your patients or residents. We constantly listen to our customers. After all, their living and working environment is constantly changing and evolving. That's why we regularly organize customer meetings, advice and product boards, informal meetings, etc.

The patient is more and more central

The patient of 10 years ago is no longer the patient of today. People want to be in control of their own medical data, know who is reading it and want to have a say. We are responding to this changing world. 

To continue our growth, we are constantly looking for strong profiles. View our job opportunities >