CareConnect Pharmacist

The digital assistant of a modern pharmacy

CareConnect Pharmacist is the software solution for small and large pharmacies and group pharmacies. Simplify and optimize your pharmacy management and save time for your patients.

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The most complete software on the market

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Intelligent Pharmacy Management

CareConnect Pharmacist helps you manage and administer your inventory semi-automatically. This saves you time and allows you to focus on patient care.


Fully connected

Easily connect to online health platforms such as Recip-e and Vitalink, to fellow pharmacists and other healthcare providers, and to patients via the Helena healthcare platform.

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For small and large pharmacies and group pharmacies

Whether you have a small or large pharmacy: our software is tailored to your needs. For groups, we have a specific solution in CareConnect Pharmacy Group.

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Support with MIP

Do you provide medications to residential care facilities? CareConnect Multidose supports you in your automated and individualized medication preparation (MIP).