The software solution for efficient collaboration in your care and nursing homes

From administration down to care, CareConnect simplifies the collaboration between everyone inside and out your care or nursing home.

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Benefits for everyone in your assisted living facility

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For management, HR, and finance

Thanks to dashboards and integrations with mutual health insurance providers and other (care) platforms, you can maintain an overview at all times, remain fully connected, and streamline your administration.

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For head nurses

Use the handy care portal to easily create and manage your care team's tasks and residents' schedule, both online and offline.


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For nurses and care providers

Follow up on care and medication rounds easily and digitally, wherever you may be, increasing both your efficiency and your residents’ quality of life.

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Get a sneak peek of our software solution via this video, which also outlines its main features.

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CareConnect features


For management, HR, and finance

Efficient administration

Thanks to integrations with various HR and accounting tools, along with connections to other eHealth services, you can comply with all BelRAI obligations and bill patients digitally.

Clear reporting

Keep a clear overview of all your data with dashboards, thereby optimizing the operation of your care or nursing home and improving the quality of care.

Optimal protection

The software is easy to implement and complies with GDPR and ISO rules, while automatic back-ups and other protective measures provide optimal protection for your data.

For head nurses

Planning simplified

Use the intuitive care portal to draw up digital care plans with clear tasks for your team. Get rid of paperwork and follow up on everything with ease.

Secure communication

Communicate safely, quickly, and in full transparency with your colleagues and team members, as well as with hospitals and external care providers, such as pharmacists, general practitioners, and specialists.

Digital medication schedules

Your healthcare staff can use the digital medication schedule to administer correct medication, print off prescriptions, monitor stock levels, and automatically make orders from your pharmacy.

For nurses and care providers

Tremendous ease of use

Our software will become the digital assistant of your dreams in no time. By working completely digitally, briefings and administration are more efficiently organized, improving the quality of care for your residents.

By healthcare providers, for healthcare providers

Our software has been developed based on years of experience and in close collaboration with fellow healthcare providers, meaning it has been perfectly tailored to your needs.

Mobile version available

The app gives you access to your residents' data both anywhere and on any device, allowing you to easily check off tasks and add notes.

What your colleagues think about CareConnect

“Working with Corilus fits in perfectly with our long-term vision. We believe that the CareConnect technology is an ideal building block because it can be linked to other technology, thereby offering tremendous added value for our residents and their families, as well as our employees.”

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Dieter Verherstraeten-Vanvaerenbergh


“The healthcare sector is on the verge of a necessary shift towards a more predictive healthcare approach, in part due to staff shortages. As a reference in aged care, we want to take the first steps, together with Corilus, focusing less on medicine and more on overall health, with the use of artificial intelligence. The fact that CareConnect helps reduce the administrative burden of our care teams is in itself an added bonus, giving you even more time to focus on your residents and their care.”

Dominiek Beelen

CEO Korian Benelux

How much does CareConnect cost?

The price depends on several factors and your needs. Our account managers will be happy to give you a comprehensive demo and make you a proposal tailored to your residential care facility without any obligation. 

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Do I always need an internet connection to use the app?

No. Before you start your care round, you can let the app synchronize with the current state of affairs. Later, when you have an internet connection again, you can synchronize again so that your actions are saved. Nevertheless, a constant connection to the Internet is better. Therefore, we still recommend using a WiFi, 3G or 4G network.

I already use a CRM system and am looking for a mobile application. Can I integrate CareConnect
If possible, we integrate the data sources you already use within your organization. If not, we write our data back to those data sources, or migrate to another platform. The choice is yours.
Will there be a BelRai link in the future?

Of course! As with all legal obligations, we will also implement BelRAI into our software in a timely manner and inform you accordingly. 

How much does CareConnect cost? Purchasing devices,... etc.
I want to switch to CareConnect right now, how does that process work?
What benefits do cloud applications like CareConnect have?
Cloud applications such as let healthcare organizations store files, process data, and place other systems on a secure hosted data server. This allows them to store and use data more efficiently, securely, flexibly and cheaply.
How secure is CareConnect and does the platform comply with the necessary data privacy rules?

Throughout the development process, security and privacy are incorporated into the design of Thus, our products are designed from the ground up to be secure. We are therefore proud to say that is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant. 

Can you link CareConnect with a call system?

A link can be made with the call system, if your system is compatible. For example Televic is only available if there is an ascom alarm server in between. If not this will be made available with the API of our platform end of Q3 2022.

Can certain files in CareConnect be protected, for example, only visible to social services? (In accordance with points of attention in current eZorg)

In CareConnect, the administrator determines which read and write rights apply per user group and per module. 

How can we help you?

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