CareConnect Specialist

Software tailored to each specialist

CareConnect Specialist is the most modern and complete software package for dermatologists, cardiologists, pediatricians and numerous other specialists. Easily manage medical records and work with parameter sets tailored to your needs.

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The most complete software on the market

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Simple case management

This software is built for working in medical records quickly and conveniently. They are available at all times and on any device to you and anyone you work with.

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Customized parameter sets

Growth curve figures for pediatricians, ECG data for cardiologists, prick test results for dermatologists ... As a specialist you decide which parameter sets you use and monitor.

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Other features of CareConnect Specialist

Digital prescriptions and invoicing

Create prescriptions and bill directly from your software and don't miss a single reimbursement thanks to a direct link with the mutualities.

Medication Monitoring Module

Prescribe the right medications to your patients with the unique medication monitoring module that takes into account allergies and contraindications, among other things.

Online backup and security

CareConnect Specialist meets strict digital security standards. With automatic backups, continuous monitoring, and antivirus software, you'll optimally secure your medical records.

Smart statistics

Offer your patients a clear view of their health situation and bet on preventive care based on clear statistics.

Communicate with patients

Through the integration with healthcare platform Helena, you can communicate securely and digitally with patients, as well as easily set up video consultations.

Integration with Helena Pro

Create your profile in one go on Helena Pro: your digital business card. That way, fellow care providers and patients know exactly what they can expect from you.

Online agenda link

Easily link your medical records to your online calendar for optimal patient follow-up.


Always available to your patients without having to interrupt your consultations? Ringphone, our medical telesecretariat, is the help you and your patients need.

Optimal support

With questions or problems you can always contact our experienced Customer Support team.


This price includes hosting, support, VAT and all basic functionalities.


Meets all eHealth requirements
  • Secure communication
  • Electronic prescribing
  • eHealth connections (MyCareNet, Vitalink ...)
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CareConnect Specialist

All the basic features and benefits of an EMD

  • All Hector functionalities
  • Complete patient file
  • Optimally connected with eHealth (eFact, hubs ...)
  • Electronic invoicing
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CareConnect Specialist Premium

Our most advanced package
  • All functionalities above
  • Medication monitoring module
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On which devices can I use the application?

CareConnect Specialist works on both Mac and Windows. Technically your data is in the Cloud so you can access your data from different devices.

With CareConnect Specialist, am I entitled to the telematics premium?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like a telematics or practice premium for physician specialists from the government yet. All of our CareConnect packages for other types of healthcare providers are homologated. Thanks to this experience, we can quickly respond to the government's questions/obligations in the eHealth area. If this becomes applicable to physician specialists, you will be well prepared with our software.

Is my data in good hands with you?

Absolutely! Security of our data and our applications is a high priority for us. 

What are the benefits of cloud technology?
With cloud technology, your records and patient files are available anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices. Plus, you don't have to do any tedious backups and upgrades.

How can we help you?

CareConnect Specialist is continuously updated with new features. Want to stay up to date? Or would you prefer a demo or a quote? Leave your details here.