CareConnect Physiotherapist

The next-generation software for your physiotherapy practice

CareConnect Physiotherapist is the indispensable digital assistant for your physiotherapy practice. Take care of your admin easily and quickly and connect securely with eHealth services, your colleagues, and patients, including via your mobile devices.

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The most comprehensive software on the market

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Administration simplified

Paper is so passé. Keep your patient records online, use your software to bill patients for your services directly, and don’t miss any reimbursements.

Elektronisch patiëntendossier

Fast and reliable

With automatic back-ups, updates, and antivirus software built in, your system and patient records are always up to date and secure.

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Mobile version available

With the CareConnect Physiotherapist Go mobile app, you can gain access to your data and easily scan prescriptions and other documents, any time, any place.

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Fully connected

Use your software to connect directly through Helena with the GP or specialist who referred your patient, as well as with colleagues, health platforms, hospitals, and patients.

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Want to see what CareConnect Physiotherapist looks like? Get a sneak peek of our software solution via this video, which also outlines its main features.

CareConnect Physiotherapist's additional features

eHealth integration

Use eAgreement to easily monitor your requests for reimbursement from mutual health insurance providers online. Billing is a piece of cake and is done digitally through eFact.

Made by physical therapists, for physical therapists

Our software has been developed based on years of experience and in close collaboration with your fellow physiotherapists, making it perfectly tailored to your needs.

Intuitive user experience

Worklists, memos, reminders, smart searches, and all the necessary integrations in one clear interface. This software has been built to work seamlessly and ensure you keep an overview at all times.

Online backup and security

Thanks to coded registration, automatic back-ups, and other security features, CareConnect Physiotherapist is GDPR compliant as well as ISO certified.

Homologated package

The software is fully homologated. So as a licensed physiotherapist, you can use the telematics premium to purchase your software.

On Windows and Mac

Whether you're working through Windows, Mac or a mobile device: CareConnect Physiotherapist runs on any device.

Intuitive user experience.

Worklists, notes, reminders, smart search and all the necessary integrations in a clear interface. This software is built to work quickly and conveniently.

Online Agenda

Manage your appointments and send your patients automatic reminders through the integrated online calendar Progenda. You can also let patients book their own appointments online.

Optimal support

With questions or problems you can always contact our experienced Customer Support team.

What your colleagues think of CareConnect Physiotherapist

"I longed for future-oriented software: an application that is not only up to date with existing applications, but also ready for the innovations that are coming. Because in addition to digital patient records, online agendas, eHealth and cloud solutions, new applications continue to emerge. I found all that in CareConnect Physiotherapist."

Eric Schenk



Our base price includes hosting, support and VAT.

CareConnect Physiotherapist

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On what devices can I use the application?

CareConnect Physiotherapist works on both Mac and Windows. Technically your data is in the Cloud so you can access your data from different devices.

With CareConnect Physiotherapist, am I entitled to the telematics contribution?

Yes, CareConnect Physiotherapist is homologated and is always committed to responding quickly to government eHealth requests/obligations. 

Is my data in good hands with you?

Absolutely! Security of our data and our applications is a high priority for us.

What are the benefits of cloud technology?
With cloud technology, your records and patient files are available anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices. Plus, you don't have to do any tedious backups and upgrades.
Are you ready for eHealth for physiotherapists?

Absolutely! eHealth is our expertise, in which we truly excel. We have already guided numerous other healthcare providers (general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, etc.) through the eHealth process, so we have no doubt that we can do the same for you.