Everything needed to make your residential care centre even more efficient

The world of the residential care centre is constantly evolving. Not only medically, but also on a technological level. And that’s precisely where Corilus does everything to support you, leaving you free to focus on what really matters: your residents.
Complete management of your residential care centre

Complete management of your residential care centre

Our software provides a all in one software solution for your residential care centre.

Collaboration with other partners

Collaboration with other partners

Our software is optimised for integration with numerous other software and hardware solutions.

Link with other care providers

Link with other care providers

Is there a doctor coming to see your resident, does medication need to be ordered or is one of your residents going to the hospital? Our software can easily communicate with other care providers.

Solutions from administration to care

Our CareConnect Elderly software package provides everything a residential care centre needs.

Corilus offers numerous hardware solutions for your residential care centre. 

More on our hardware solutions Or contact one of our accountmanagers

Corilus connects you to other care providers

Corilus is not only active in residential care, we also provide software for numerous other medical professionals. 
And this is a benefit for you, because thanks to our Connecting Care approach, we are constanly searching for ways to link our different software packages to make it easier for you to communicate with other healthcare providers.

Order directly from your pharmacy

Communicate faster and more efficiently with your resident's general practitioner

Follow up on hospitalization