CareConnect Midwife

Complete and intuitive software for the independent midwife.

Midwifery and digitisation

The digitisation of healthcare is beneficial to the quality of care for mother and child. 
In a world where digitisation plays an increasingly important role, Corilus is happy to help you on your way with CareConnect Midwife. 
Mother and child care in Belgium is a changed landscape with major challenges for first-, second- and third-line care. The shortened hospital stay after a problem-free birth means a bigger role for the care provided by midwives. Continuity and quality of care with CareConnect Midwife as your partner.

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What can CareConnect Midwife do for you?

Let you access your data during home visits!

With CareConnect Midwife, you have direct access to your patient records from your tablet or smartphone and can consult case histories or record deliveries. This means the file is immediately up to date and you do not have any administration to catch up on afterwards.

Follow-up and support

Thanks to detailed tracking of the various stages of a pregnancy, you not only have a good file, but you are also supported where necessary. CareConnect Midwife flags the presence of possible risk factors, making them easy to follow up on.

In 'the cloud'

No complicated configurations or servers are needed. Your patient's details are always safe: backups are automatic and you are always working with the latest version of CareConnect Midwife without you having to do anything.

Assisted pricing

As a midwife, you only record what is needed for the mother and the baby. Using this information, CareConnect Midwife automatically keeps track of what you can charge. This allows you to carry out monthly invoicing in one go for all patients and health insurance funds. You can print out patient and health insurance fund invoices, summaries, patient fees etc.

Why choose CareConnect Midwife?

Intuitive to use

Intuitive to use

  • Less administration
  • In the cloud
  • Consultable everywhere
  • Also on tablet and smartphone
  • Automatic backup
Complete care file

Complete care file

  • Administrative file
  • Anamnesis
  • Succession prenatal
  • Succession labour and childbirth
  • Postnatal follow-up, wound care and breastfeeding
  • Invoicing


  • Referral letters
  • HIE guidelines : Health Information and Education
  • Statistical study centre Perinatal counselling

what do your colleagues say about CareConnect Midwife?

Delphine Platteeuw
Delphine Platteeuw, midwife Torhout

CareConnect Midwife is a guideline for high-quality care.

"CareConnect Midwife (formerly Emergentis) provides.

* a pre- and post-natal overview of the most important things that are needed when counselling a (future) mother.
* a smooth tarification.
* an intuitive and easy to use software at home with the patient.
* completeness : no information is overlooked on the basis of the HIE summary table.
* Evolution : remarks and improvements for the midwife will be adapted or implemented if possible."

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