CareConnect Physiotherapist Go

Work safely wherever you go

Essential application for the physiotherapist on the go

Manage and view your patient information wherever you are (at home, in the residential care centre, on a home visit, in your practice, etc.) CareConnect Physiotherapist Go goes with you. In addition, the Google Maps integration ensures that you always get to your patients quickly. A bit delayed? Call your patient directly from the application.

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Quickly manage your calendar

Easily view your calendar or plan a new appointment with your calendar in the application.

Consult all your documents remotely

Prescriptions and agreements, as well as other documents and care plans, can be easily accessed for each patient.

View your patient records

It is possible to open your patient records quickly via the work list or the search screen.

An overview of your work list

The work list appears when you open the application. You can also open your Progenda calendar from the worklist.

Smartphone & tablet

Now you can always have your calendar at hand, even when you're away, with the handy app for smartphone or tablet.

Your data is safe

Thanks to multi-factor authentication, your data is always secure. Each time you log on to a new device, you receive a verification code via SMS.