CareConnect Dentist

Your Electronic Medical Record for the future! Modern and intuitive software for dentists

CareConnect Dentist is a contemporary digital care record that is completely ready for you to make use of all its eHealth functionalities. Their optimal and straightforward integration will reduce your administrative burden. What’s more, CareConnect Dentist keeps on supporting you optimally in your daily workflow, so you can spend more time on your patients.

CareConnect Dentist, your digital assistant for all your dental activities: preventive, restorative, aesthetic, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontology and endodontology.

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What can CareConnect Dentist mean for you?

Simplify your communication

  • Template feature for creating messages
  • Custom word processor with Microsoft Office functionalities
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to hotkeys, quick-texts and favourites.
  • Integrated SMS, email and eHealthBox management
  • Intelligent recall system (email, letter, SMS, phone)
  • Electronic medication prescription via Hector with up-to-date directory

Effortless pricing 

  • Up-to-date cumulation rules and nomenclature
  • Use of different price lists
  • Communication with Worldline payment terminal
  • Automatic retrieval of rates via eTar


  • Easy certificate management
  • MyCareNet integration for retrieving insurability and rates (eTar)
  • Send and receive eHealthBox messages directly from CareConnect Dentist
  • Hector Integration
  • Electronic prescription via Recip-e
  • Retrieve the patient’s medication regimen online
  • eForms

Transparent time management

  • Diary management on a daily and weekly basis, one or more providers
  • Use of appointment categories
  • Waiting room follow-up
  • Absence recording with optional automatic penalty regime
  • Online management of your appointments

Curious about the possibilities for digitisation?

Digital imaging with CareConnect Imaging Dentist

  • Integrated Mediadent software
  • Tooth-related images automatically added to dental chart and history of treatments
  • Automatic settlement of the X-rays taken
  • Wireless loading of your extra-oral images
  • All images instantly available for further communication (letter, eHealthbox message, email)
  • No more images stored in the wrong patient record

Do you already have a digital practice?

Digitisation is already well-established in dental practice but is evolving every day. 
Naturally, this trend has an impact on oral care and creates added value both for you and for your patient.
 Corilus also tracks these developments closely and would be happy to advise you on digitisation.

What do your colleagues have to say about CareConnect Dentist?

Xavier Demeulemeester, Tandens

Xavier Demeulemeester of dental practice 'Tandens' works with six dentists and specialists, two nurses, an instrumentalist and a management assistant. So there is a lot of expertise in this practice. In order to use them as efficiently as possible, they rely on various digital tools, including administrative tools.

Corilus brings peace of mind and adjusts the flow of your practice entirely to your IT, software and hardware infrastructure.

CareConnect offers the possibility to evolve with the needs of your practice.

Xavier Demeulemeester, Tandens, Roeselare

"Corilus is the ideal advisor for digitizing your dental practice."

Tandarts Princen
"There’s a mass of administrative work involved in a group practice, including a fairly complex payroll administration. In addition, all diaries – between us we have 30 to 50 patients per day! – can be properly coordinated."
Ludo Princen: "I was an enthusiastic user of Superdent from the early days. When CareConnect Dentist (formerly Baltes) came on the market, I decided to wait and see how it went down. After six months, I took the plunge and have never regretted it."
For Ludo Princen, the advantages of CareConnect Dentist are obvious: "As soon as you see the layout for the first time, you realise that CareConnect Dentist is substantially more user-friendly than Superdent. When we have to train a new assistant, that person always gets to grips with the system very quickly, precisely because CareConnect Dentist works so intuitively."
And with new software, there are, of course, new features: "Now we are also making intensive use of the automatic recall function and reminders via SMS. And if a patient still prefers an old-fashioned reminder letter, we can easily take care of that. This is one of the most important assets of CareConnect Dentist: the flexible way in which it adapts to our method of working."

Dentist Princen,

"With CareConnect Dentist, I can concentrate on caring for my patients."

Tandarts S. Limantoro
"I am very satisfied with CareConnect Dentist (formerly Baltes): the software has an attractive and modern user interface. In particular, I find the link with the eID very advantageous. Inputting patients is fast, mistakes are eliminated and patients are better identified. Patients with the same name are no longer confused, because the photo and national register number make all the difference. The link with Bancontact is also beneficial, because 80 to 90% of my patients pay with Bancontact. I am also satisfied with the Helpdesk.
In terms of digital imaging, I have been using the Mediadent software in combination with a Morita panoramic imaging unit since 2010 (Veraview IC5 HD). I also had a Kodak Trophy. I take a lot of images; it runs really fast and easily and provides good support for the diagnosis. The radiation dose from the Morita is also extremely low. The images also have a didactic function, because the patient can look at their injury.
The images are now integrated with the patient record without any difficulty. The integration is now complete: on the graphic tooth schematic, I can see which images are available and I can call them up with a simple click. I sometimes edit the images with the Mediadent software, which is also very user-friendly."

Dentist S. Limantoro,

"Mediadent provides good support for the diagnosis."

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