Digitisation in your practice

Undoubted added value for you and your patients.

Digital image processing for your practice


Mediadent is part of CareConnect Imaging Dentist and belongs to the latest generation of medical image processing software. 

It is a universal program that can control any digital image processing system (panoramic, captor, phosphor systems, intra-oral cameras etc.) and can significantly improve the quality of X-rays, even if they are underexposed.
Thanks to direct links with patient database programs such as CareConnect Dentist, Mediadent makes it possible to link your patient information directly to the images. Searching for patients’ images is now a thing of the past. The seamless linking to various digital systems also means by extension that you are no longer bound to a single hardware vendor.
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Find the best equipment for your practice

Are you thinking of extending or renewing your digital imaging systems? We will come to you so that you can choose the solution that best suits your needs from the huge range. We continuously monitor developments in the dental market and consequently work together with the best partners. In this way, we can always guarantee good service and a great price/quality ratio.
Vind de beste apparatuur voor uw praktijk

Phosphor scanners or phosphor systems


Carestream CS7200
Carestream CS7600
Durr Dental Vistascan MiniEasy
Durr Dental Vistascan MiniPlus
Durr Dental Vistascan MiniView
Durr Dental Vistascan CombiView
Acteon PsPIX²

OPG 2D or pano

Carestream CS 8100
Carestream CS 8100 SC
Morita IC5
Morita 2D
Morita 2D CP

Captors or sensors

Carestream RVG 5200
Carestream RVG 6200
Imagen sensor
Acteon Sopix²

OPG 3D or conebeam

Carestream CS 8100 3D
Carestream CS 8100 3D SC
Carestream CS 9000
Carestream CS 9300
Morita X800

RX-tubes or X-ray sources

Carestream CS 2100
Carestream CS 2200

3D mouth scanner

Carestream CS 3600

Intra-oral cameras

Carestream CS 1200
Carestream CS 1500
Acteon Sopro 617
Acteon Sopro Care

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