Everything needed to make your medical post even more efficient

The world of the GP is constantly evolving. Not only medically, but also on a technological level. And that’s precisely where Corilus does everything to support you, leaving you free to focus on what really matters: your patients. 

Link with other care providers

Link with other care providers

We are not only exprt in your field of expertise, but also create solutions for other care providers. Which means we can easily let you communicate with other care providers.

Software always up-to-date

Software always up-to-date

New tarification or legislation, we will keep you and your software up to date.

Better support of your patients

Better support of your patients

Through continuous improvements on your sofware, you get to focus on what matters most to you, the care of your patients.

These medical posts already rely on CareConnect Medical Post

Corilus connects you to other care providers

Corilus is not only expert in software for medical posts, we also make software for other care professionals. And that is beneficial to you, because we can easily set up communication between you and other care providers. 
  • Send automatic reports to your patient's GP

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  • Communicate with the on-call pharmacy

    Discover our software for pharmacists
  • Refer your patients to a medical specialist

    Discover CareConnect GO

    Next to our software solutions, we also have a lot of experience in hardware solutions for medical professionals such as your medical post. 

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