CareConnect Medical Post

Intuitive and complete software for your out-of-hours GP service

CareConnect Medical Post was developed in close cooperation with general practitioners operating out-of-hours services and fully follows their workflow, which is different from an ordinary GP’s surgery in significant ways. Reports are generated automatically and certificates are created and integrated into the workflow. 
Each GP receives a report on the consultations provided for their own patients in the out-of-hours service.
CareConnect Medical Post is intuitive to use, cuts down on administration and is backed up automatically.

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What can CareConnect Medical Post do for you?

What can CareConnect Medical Post do for you?

End-to-end workflow

With our platform, you will save time at the most important moments: when you are helping your patients.

Fully customised for out-of-hours GP services

CareConnect Medical Post works in accordance with the Belgian Federal Public Service and National Institution for Health and Disability Insurance reporting standards. You can look up electronic health record summaries in Vitalink, and forward reports electronically. And you can also view the patient's insurability via MyCareNet. TomTom and Permamed have also been integrated.

Professional start-up and support

Our support team is ready to make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Billing and pricing reporting

Our powerful pricing module supports you in registering your activities and tracking your earnings.

Why Choose CareConnect Medical Post?

Webbased software

Webbased software

CareConnect Medical Post is based on modern web technology, which means that hardware investments are minimal and a basic PC can serve as a workstation. The installation and maintenance of the software are also kept to a minimum. Backups are performed automatically and the software is always up to date.

Optimaal tarifiëren

Optimal pricing

At the end of each consultation, an activities record is suggested, which will copy in the nomenclature codes entered during the consultation and, if desired, will be automatically included in the calculation. You yourself indicate whether the activities are to go on the patient’s account or whether a third-party payment scheme is liable. You can easily print out your certificates for the assistance provided
Consult EHR summaries

Consult EHR summaries

Each GP can make an electronic health record summary (SumEHR) available to the out-of-hours GP service so that the duty GP can take action even faster and more accurately.

eHealth applications

All out-of-hours GP services who work with CareConnect Medical Post have now received an eHealth certificate, which allows doctors to authenticate themselves as a healthcare provider and use the following functionalities:

  • Request the patient’s insurability information at MyCareNet
  • Consult the patient's SumEHRs in Vita link
  • Electronic forwarding of reports via Hector to the GP’s eHealthBox
  • Hector

These medical posts already depend on CareConnect Medical Post

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