CareConnect Physiotherapist,digital support for your physiotherapy practice

online patient files * online agenda * access to all eHealth services for physical therapists * secure interdisciplinary communication

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Why is our software the right fit for your physiotherapy practice?

Data in the cloud

Your entire administration and patient files are safe in the cloud. Your data is available 24/7, everywhere on every device. 

Homologated software package

For example, as a physiotherapist you can use your telematics premium to purchase this medical software.

Digital practice management

No more unnecessary paperwork and files that can disappear. Your administration, communication and diagnostic registrations are done online, are instantly in the right place and are easily retrievable.

Software by and for physiotherapists

There is a lot involved in managing a physiotherapy practice. You want to offer the best care to your patients, but you also have to manage your practice carefully as a self-employed person: keep an up-to-date administration, ensure a pleasant patient experience, attract and retain patients, ...
Because Corilus offers custom software for different care providers, we found it essential to build a software package with input from experienced physiotherapists. This way we were able to tailor our software perfectly to your needs and we ensure that we considerably simplify and secure communication between you and other healthcare providers.

Simplify the communication with your patients.

Discover Helena!


screenshot+helena-320w The patient is becoming more and more central and wants to be in control of his/her care.

That is why we developed the Helena platform. This application helps healthcare providers to make the digital relationship with patients personal and secure.

Discover Helena >

How does our software support your practice?

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User-friendly mobile application

Meet CareConnect Physiotherapist Go, our state of the art mobile application for physiotherapists.

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Cloud technology

Work on multiple PCs, both at home and in your cabinet. You always have your files at hand. Your data is stored securely.

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Multi platform

CareConnect Physiotherapist works perfectly on Windows, but also on Mac. You choose the device on which you prefer to work, our software goes with you.


Coded registration

Easily register coded diagnoses. Possibility to use ICF when registering: structured and reusable!

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Elektronic assurability

Automatic and integrated up-to-date mutual health insurance data.



Seamless integration with eHealth. All eHealth services that are available for physiotherapists within reach! Easy to register therapeutic relationship.



Secure interdisciplinary communication via Hector.

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Link with online agenda

Extensive possibilities thanks to the built-in link with Progenda.


Link with CEBAM

The evidence linker supports you with relevant guidelines.


Scanning with smartphone

Scan prescriptions and other documents (eg RX, ...) for your files.
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* User-friendly software
* Professional support
* Customized training
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